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Unformatted text preview: Ems 1 Derek Ems Professor Halpern/Beth Steedley Spenser Paper/Prompt # 2 March 31, 2008 When Edmund Spenser set out to write his epic poem, The Faerie Queene , he was not trying to create something entirely original but rather an amalgamation of many great epics . Many societies in Spensers time already had national epics such as Vergils Aeneid and he was t rying to create a national epic for England . Through-out the poem, various symbols and motifs from these other epics are weaved into Spensers poetry . One of these symbols that stands out is the bleeding tree . The bleeding tree allows Spenser to establish the fact that he has a command of epic language and allows him to explain his character from a different point of view . The bleeding tree serves as an image of epic tradition itself . Besides the bleeding tree episode in The Faerie Queene and Vergils Aeneid , it is also used in Dantes Inferno . The bleeding tree episode in The Faerie Queen takes place when Redcrosse comes across the two lovers Fraelissa and Fradubio who have been transformed into trees . Redcrosse is trying to make a garland for Duessas head and when he pulls Ems 2 off a branch from the tree it cries out and the branch begins to bleed . Redcrosse freezes in fear when the branch begins to speak to him and tell him how he ended up in such a situation . Fradubio goes on to say that he once defeated a knight and won his lady . That lady happened to be Duessa which is who Redcrosse is currently with . Duessa then turned Fradubios lover Fraelissa into a tree so she could have Fradubio all for herself . Fradubio ended up seeing Duessa in her t rue form and...
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Spenser Paper - Ems 1 Derek Ems Professor Halpern/Beth...

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