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The Archaeological Dig of a Native American, Colonial, and Industrial Site. Southern New Jersey Derek Ems Introduction to Archaeology Prof. G. Schwartz Essay Assignment April 10, 2008 Introduction The site that I chose to study was an area near the Batsto River in southern New Jersey. This site was originally inhabited by the Lenape Indians and then settlers from Europe. The Lenape Indians were a tribe that primarily lived in New Jersey and were known for their extensive use of maize as a major food source. It is not known when these Lenape people were removed from their lands and how they were removed. By excavating this site we hope to determine how and why these people were eventually replaced by settlers. The people that eventually replaced the Indians were at first farmers but the poor soil eventually caused them to abandon such pursuits. After the settlers failed at farming they realized that a large amount of iron ore was available in the bogs surrounding their village. Once the villagers realized that they had all of the necessary materials for iron production a new industry was started. The surrounding pine forests provided charcoal that was used as fuel for the iron furnaces. This area was famous for producing items such as cooking pots and kettles. During the Revolutionary War it was also important for supplying cannonballs and musket balls to the Continental army. Once the iron ores had been depleted from the surrounding area the locals decided to use the sandy soil for the production of glass. Many of the iron furnaces were then used to create items such as glass windows. After this industry died out in the late 19 th century the town was pretty much
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abandoned. The forests slowly began to regain ground and many of the structures collapsed leaving only foundations. The site that we examined is only a small part of this village that we hope will yield a high volume of artifacts. The site is located west of the Batsto River and south of the dam that holds the water of Batsto Lake. Batsto Lake was originally created so that ore that was mined further to the North could be carried by boats to the iron furnaces. There are several reasons for digging at this particular location. First, it is near the area that I grew up and it is interesting to see what kind of history occurred before I lived there. This was determined through excavation. Excavation is used to reveal the 3-dimensional structure in the deposition of archaeological items. Second, not many archeological studies have been done in this area before because it has almost been in constant habitation through most of recorded time. People do not realize that Native Americans lived in this area before settlers arrived here. By digging here we might be able to learn about our past from a different angle or discover something that could completely change societies view about something. This site holds historical data that is significant to every citizen of America. This site was a major producer of weapons during the
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Archaeology Essay - The Archaeological Dig of a Native...

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