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Patrick Driscoll RHET 105 9/8/08 BookMark I haven’t always liked reading. When I was younger it was always such a chore for me. I would read books and not understand half the stuff I was reading, but that was when I was a child. Since then I have learned to love to read. I like all different types of books. I like science fiction books. I like historical fiction books. I like legal fiction. But fiction isn’t all that I like to read, I also like to read books about the mental aspect of sports, books about musicians, and books about the world. I feel that books have made me able to understand the world around me a lot better. Most of the books that I have read have been borrowed from the library. I wish that I had done things differently because after reading Mortimer Adler’s essay I realize that I could have taken so much more from the books that I have read if I had been using his tactics. I have marked some books and when I do that I feel a much greater
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Unformatted text preview: understanding for what I have read. Taking notes in a book is just like taking notes for any class. I always learn better when I can put what is being said into words. When I can simplify the speech or the words into words that I like, it makes it much easier for me to comprehend what is being discussed. I believe that Adler was very correct in everything that he described, from the ownership of a book to the correct way to mark a book. He was very informative and helpful because now I know how important marking a book can be. He put the aspect of marking a book into a different perspective than I had ever looked at before. He made it seem like if the reader doesn’t mark the book then the reader isn’t even reading the book. I think that after reading this article it will make me a better student and a better reader because I will be able to comprehend everything much better....
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Driscoll_adler - understanding for what I have read Taking...

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