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(1) “early fetus”: a fetus before it has any intrinsic properties that themselves confer moral status on the fetus Before the fetus has conscious experience and before it can be subject to experience E.g. When couples begin to care and love for the fetus, the fetus begins to have moral status (3) The Actual Future Principle: An early fetus that will become a person has some moral status. An early fetus that will die while it is still an early fetus has no moral status (4) If early abortion requires any moral justification whatsoever, then this is so because the early fetus that dies in the abortion has some moral status (5) The very liberal view on the ethics of abortion: Early abortion requires no moral justification whatsoever Conclusion 1 : The Actual Future Principle is a tenable view of the moral status of early fetuses. Conclusion 2: The very liberal view on the ethics of abortion is compatible w/ several attractive views with which it has seemed incompatible. Therefore, the
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