2nd THE - 1. The three main federal law enforcement systems...

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1. The three main federal law enforcement systems are the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration), and the newly made DHS (Department of Homeland Security). The FBI’s jurisdiction is limited to crimes in which the perpetrator crossed state lines, violations of federal controlled substance laws, and other violations of federal laws. The DEA’s jurisdiction is limited to the enforcement of Federal Drug Laws and perusing US drug investigations’ abroad. The DHS’s jurisdiction is protecting the United States from terrorist attacks and responding to natural disasters. 2. The three police management styles are the legalist style, the watchmen style, and the Service style. The legalist style is the most ridged style where every citation is given with no exceptions. The watchmen style is the least ridged style where some violations are tolerated. Finally the service style is a mix of the two styles. In my opinion the best approach for a jurisdiction such as State College is the service style, because there are so many crimes happening in State College that you can by no means give a citation to everyone but also you don’t want to be too easy or the students will take advantage of it. 3. The exclusionary rule states that all evidence collected or analyzed in violation of the US constitution is admissible in court. The Weeks v US caused the exclusionary rule to be passed but it was only applicable to federal cases and the silver platter doctrine was established. Wolf v Colorado showed that the exclusionary rule was not applicable in all states. Rochin v California stated that if conduct by the police officer shocks the conscience then the exclusionary rule applies. With Elkins v US the Silver Platter Doctrine was ended. Finally with Mapp v Ohio the
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2nd THE - 1. The three main federal law enforcement systems...

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