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Assignment for “Lost Horizon” Read: Wong, Preface, pp. 1-55, Class lecture and movie synopsis, and class handouts. Typewritten answers to the following questions about “Lost Horizon” are due by class time on Sep 9 , 2008 . 1. How does “Lost Horizon” support/not support Wong’s argument(s)? 2. Is there a political message to this film? What is it? How does the story and
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Unformatted text preview: director convey that message? What evidence do you have? 3. Does this film romanticize the East? Give evidence. Also give counter-evidence, namely is the East de-romanticized or put down? 4. What are elements of utopia as shown in Shangri-la? How does the economy work? Education? Marriage and divorce? Police? Religion? Philosophy? Explain....
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