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Edpsy HW 2 - This may prevent long term retention of their...

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Lauren Kutner Edpsy 010 HW 2 Part A 1. My earliest memory is of me sitting on the lap of one of my preschool teachers. It was during music class, and for some reason I did not want to participate, so one of them let me sit on their lap during the class. I remember wearing shoes with tiny orange beads enclosed in a plastic design in the side. Part B 1. Autobiographical memory is the representation of special one-time events that are long lasting because they are imbued with personal meaning. 2. There are a few explanations as to why infantile amnesia occurs. The first is that the frontal lobes of the cerebral cortex may pave the way for an explicit memory system, meaning that children remember deliberately and not implicitly (without conscious awareness). Another explanation is that infants and toddler’s means of storage is not verbal (like that of adults).
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Unformatted text preview: This may prevent long term retention of their early memories. Freud’s explanation for this was that infants subconsciously repress their early memories because they are full of “perverse lusts and hatred.” 3. Children begin to “scramble over the amnesia barrier” when they begin to represent events verbally and discuss them in conversations with adults. When they encode autobiographical events in verbal form, they increase the accessibility of the memories because they can use language based cues to retrieve them. Part C 1. In the example with Rachel, we see that when she is 2 she can remember events that occurred early on in her lifetime. But as she ages, she begins to forget these memories as new ones are made. By the time she turned 8, she no longer remembered that a trip to Disney was the earliest memory she had....
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Edpsy HW 2 - This may prevent long term retention of their...

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