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scratch_of_a_pen_questions - 1 Describe America in 1763...

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1) Describe America in 1763 - news traveled slowly. Travel and trade b/w cities was by river b/c they had hardly any roads and the ones they did have were poor. It was a world of villages, communities were small. Regions set people apart. There was tension b/w cities and back country. People moved around a lot. Eastern cities were linked to Europe and Indian cities were linked to eastern cities (they were all connected). People were diverse, small population, it was less than 2 million. Virginia was the largest colony, then Pennsylvania, then Massachusetts, then New York. Who inhabited the colonies? - Europeans lived in the port/ eastern cities. The French lived in Canada and Louisiana. The Indians lived west of the Appalachians. So the British, French, Indians, and slaves inhabited the colonies. How and where did they live? - most people lived in rural villages. Less than 1 in 20 lived in cities. Philadelphia, New York, and Boston were largest cities. Charles town was largest city in the south. British settlement was east of Appalachian mountains. Indians and settlers lived in back country (west of Appalachians). The settlers west of Appalachians were mostly French and Spanish.
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