TEST 3 - TEST 3!!! 05/11/2007 10:39:00 NOVEMBER 5, 2007...

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Unformatted text preview: TEST 3!!! 05/11/2007 10:39:00 NOVEMBER 5, 2007 SOCIAL ECONOMIC CHANGES AND RESPONSES I. Changes A. Westward Expansion U.S. expands rapidly. Territory doubled in 1803 after LA Purchase After American Revolution white settlers start moving westward, British tried to prevent this Start spreading westward very vast 1790s Tenn. and Kentucky added to the union Great Plains settlement stops because weather was different terrain different. People could not live out on Great Plains they way they lived further east. No trees, Farming different West Coast- settlement picks up again. In ladder half of 19 th century have settlement thousands of miles across the country. No Transatlantic Railroad or Panama Canal. Lack of Communication. Causes people to worry whether or not the country can hold together. How are going to make it work? o Continue to recognize the Govt. in D.C. o Culturally remain similar to rest of the country o B. Democratization -Country Becomes More Democratic Politically and Culturally o 1. Politicaly o to vote need to be a white man with sufficient property. Property qualification begins to end. o Growing sense that these great men arent that great o More people being able to vote o 2. Culturally o 1820s styles, architecture changing. Class Divisions growing o Wealthy and poor growing number large divide o Architecture becoming more simplified o Becoming hard to tell the difference between classes by the way they dress o Men stop wearing wigs. Plainer Style. o Growing Idea that everyones opinion matters o Fear: People are suppose to be moral , virtuous, sacrifice for common good. Now everyone doing what they want to do Questions asked about the viability of the Republic o Wonder is Liberty getting out of control? If everyones opinion is equal is that going to trend towards anarchy C. Transportation Revolution Contributes to a growth in Manufacturing 1800- Transportation is primitive. Water provide most of transportation. Some Roads but bad Early 19 th Century Systematic Effort to Improve Roads o Toll Roads- money making measures. Business o Would have to pay to go on the road. Had drainage relatively smooth. Bridge when came to river. o Better traveling on the private roads. Not Going any faster than horse would go o 1820- Canals- man-made waterways. Dug....
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TEST 3 - TEST 3!!! 05/11/2007 10:39:00 NOVEMBER 5, 2007...

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