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Reading Annotation Student name : Evan Schweigel Article title : The Secrets of Haiti’s Living Dead Author : Gino Del Guercio Article topic and main points : Del Guercio’s article discusses Wade Davis’ research on “zombification” in Haiti, a cultural phenomenon that most Haitians actively believe in and many foreigners cannot even imagine as true. The science from which these Caribbean zombies arise is featured in the article, as well as the chilling role of zombification as a form of social control in Haitian society and the cultural backdrop that allows and promotes this control. 1. Secret societies use the threat of zombification as a form of social control to maintain society in the form that they desire. These societies, remnants of rebellious slave groups from the Haitian Revolution-era, vie for control of land and influence, so they have a vested interest in establishing and maintaining the status-quo to further their interests. The looming threat of zombification is what frightens Haitians, not the zombies
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