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Reading Annotation #3 Student name : Evan Schweigel Article title : The Berdache Tradition Author : Walter L. Williams Article topic and main points : In Williams’ piece, he studies the existence, role and various explanations of the berdache in Native American society and history. He also highlights the differences between Western-Judeo Christian/European tradition and Native American tradition. The former attempts to explain everything on earth based on logic and to strictly classify things into definite, often polar groups. Conversely, the latter takes a spiritual approach to life and is much more apt to be accepting, understanding and even appreciative of alternate ways of life. Williams also discusses the role that spirituality has in Native American society as a whole, and more specifically its role in the inclusion and assimilation of berdaches into their communities. 1. Williams offers two distinct models that societies employ to handle phenomena that do not adhere to what is thought of as “normal”. Some societies write off those who do not
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  • Native Americans in the United States, native american society, Walter L. Williams, Berdache Tradition Author
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