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Reading Annotation 4 Arranging a Marriage in India

Reading Annotation 4 Arranging a Marriage in India -...

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Reading Annotation #4 October 10, 2006 Student name : Evan Schweigel Article title : Arranging a Marriage in India Author : Serena Nanda Article topic and main points : In this article, Serena Nanda describes her experiences observing and participating in the custom of arranged marriage in India. Initially put off and even offended by the thought of a young woman losing one of her most basic powers and rights, Nanda gradually comes to terms with the reasoning behind this practice as she witnesses it first hand. She even assists an Indian friend of hers in a lengthy search for a suitable wife for her eldest son, finding the son’s eventual wife for him. As a result of her field work in India, Nanda shed light on the importance of family, race, class, caste and culture in India through the institution of marriage. Family is perhaps the most important institution in Indian culture, with marriage and all else taking a support role to it. Marriage is less between a man and a woman as it is between the two families involved. Love is not so much a factor when finding a match
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