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Exercise 2 - Evan Schweigel Exercise 2 Waterfront...

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Evan Schweigel PD 120 November 14, 2006 Gehl Exercise 2 – Waterfront Development 1. There are a number of major development projects currently planned for Buffalo’s waterfront that will anchor the critical mass of development that planners see as necessary for success in the inner and outer harbors. Very few of them have been completed yet and plans are still almost all we have after years of frustration, but it seems that things are finally moving in the right direction. The waterfront may soon become the destination that it rightfully should be. First, there are large projects like the Bass Pro superstore that is supposed to occupy the vacant Memorial Auditorium. The thinking behind the Bass Pro move is that it will bring visitors to the city with their checkbooks. It may be hard to believe, but these stores have acted almost like cultural attractions in other cities, drawing people from entire regions who drive hours to experience the outdoor sports spectacle and spend money. Another proposed project is a new convention center built on the site of the DL&W Train Depot, near HSBC Arena. The plan would include a larger, improved center to host events, a connection to HSBC Area for increased accommodations and a hotel in the HSBC atrium office building. Even the proposed Seneca Creek Casino can be considered a major project that has potential to revitalize the waterfront area. (Editorial, The Buffalo News, 8/29/06) Other smaller plans include the ongoing restoration of the Erie Canal’s terminus, a $13 million greenway (scheduled to be finished within the next year) that will provide much needed access to the waterfront, and numerous potential office, condo and apartment projects. (Esmonde, The
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Exercise 2 - Evan Schweigel Exercise 2 Waterfront...

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