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PD 212 HISTORIC PRESERVATION 4/20/06 Preserving Places of… -Historic significance -Cultural Importance -Architectural prominence -Public Value -Scenic/environmental distinction Approaches -Re-creations and landmarks -Sites integral to daily life History -1790-present: Historical societies and governments preserve monuments -1916: Congress creates National Park Service -1931: Charleston SC enacts first municipal preservation ordinance regulating private property -1937: New Orleans follows suit -1940s-50’s: Santa Barbara and Santa Fe re-create historic styles -1949: National Trust for Historic Preservation formed -1963: Demolition of Penn Station, NYC -1965: Formation of NYC Landmarks Commission -1967: National Register of Historic Places created -1976: Tax Reform Act allows credits for rehabbing historic buildings
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Unformatted text preview: -1978: Penn Central v. City of NYC in Supreme Court upholds right to preserve buildings of significance-1988: National Historic Trust first identifies “11 Most Endangered Historic Places”-1999: National Trust celebrates 50 th anniversary Preservation Issues-Regulations are burdensome and costly (materials from historic eras, etc.)-To preserve or not to preserve?-Renovated properties have higher property taxes-Preservation vs. other social goals? (money) Preservation Techniques-Public acquisition and restoration-Preservation Districts-Funds to purchase threatened landmarks-Property tax benefits (for people who take on historic properties and maintain them)-Income tax deductions...
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