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PD 212 Class Notes 3-23-06

PD 212 Class Notes 3-23-06 - The Development Process...

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The Development Process: Subdividing Land and Managing Growth (3/23/06) Subdivision: What Is It? Division of land into two or mote lots, also known as parcels Usually for sale, lease, or development Foundations of Subdivision Regulations Homestead Act: cash-poor US gov’t sells land, expansion of the west Need for accurate surveying and reasonable property lines to manage further growth Need for coordinated and high-quality road systems Hence, Subdivision regulations Exercise of police powers Like zoning, a tool of planning Sets standards for: Street widths and layouts Curbs and sidewalks Drainage system Sewer and water lines Fire hydrants Street signs and lights Utility systems Lot size and shape Through Subdivision Regulations, a community… Ensures that street, sidewalk, drainage, and utility systems and a new development are adequate and compatible Relation of Subdivision to Zoning Zoning regulated primarily the USE of land Subdivision regulates primarily the DEVELOPMENT of land
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  • Spring '08
  • Palumbo
  • Zoning, subdivision regulations, land Subdivision, Subdivision Regulations Homestead, Subdivision regulations Exercise

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