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eng assignment 2 - To J.D Hawks From Subject Analysis on...

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To: J.D. Hawks From: Subject: Analysis on Chevrolet website Date: 3/6/08 The purpose of this memo is to present my analysis on Chevrolet’s website on March 6, 2008. The goal of the seminar was to introduce their features and compare with Ford. Summary I was impressed about Chevrolet’s website about how their website has less information, but make it easier for the user to read and understand the main focus. However they had more flash clips than Ford and that made the loading process longer than ours. There were many options in the menu bar that are very similar to Ford. Discussion As we all know that Ford and Chevrolet are competitors, it seems that their websites are very similar to each others. The way the menu bars are set-up and the option from the menu bars where similar. Even the way they present their car on flash were similar that it made me felt like they copied from each other or the third company who makes website worked for both company because they both really had the similar feelings. For example, the 360 view whether it’s outside view or interior view, it was almost identical method of view the
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screen. Both had the hybrid SUV which makes both company even competitors.
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eng assignment 2 - To J.D Hawks From Subject Analysis on...

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