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Markel, TechComm 8e Chapter 01 Technical professionals such as engineers, scientists, businesspeople, and other technically trained people can expect to do less writing as they advance into managerial or supervisory positions, as compared to the amount of writing they do at the early stages of their careers. a. TRUE b. FALSE According to Chapter 1, most technical communication has six characteristics. One characteristic is that technical communication helps readers solve problems. Which of the following statements does Chapter 1 also make about the characteristics of technical communication? a. Technical communication reflects an organization’s goals and culture. b. Technical communication uses technical vocabulary as often as possible. c. Technical communication strives to both entertain and educate readers. d. Technical communication is most often aimed at a general audience rather than at a particular audience. Chapter 1 states that effective technical communication is honest. The chapter then presents three reasons that it is important to be honest when communicating. Which of the following is NOT one of the reasons listed in Chapter 1? a. It’s the right thing to do. b. If readers bring your dishonesty to the attention of your supervisor, your career may be negatively affected. c. Readers can get hurt if you are dishonest. d. You and your organization could face serious legal charges if you are dishonest. Chapter 1 states that technical communicators use design features to make their documents more effective by increasing readability. Which of the following is an example of a design feature? a. easy-to-understand vocabulary b. white space between paragraphs c. definitions of key terms d. effective topic sentences e. all of the above
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According to Chapter 1, in technical communication, graphics help the writer perform five main functions. One function is to make the document more interesting and appealing to readers. Which of the following is another function listed in Chapter 1? a. communicate with readers who don’t have time to read b. communicate with readers accustomed to receiving information in a visual medium, such as television or the Web c. communicate with nonnative speakers Which of the following is an example of technical communication? a. a memo or email requesting information or identifying a problem b. a Web site describing a product c. a set of instructions introducing and explaining a new process or procedure d. an oral presentation explaining a new policy to employees e. all of the above Most technical documents are produced by professional technical communicators working alone. a. TRUE b. FALSE Technical communicators are specialists responsible for producing the text of a document while relying on graphic artists, desktop publishers, and Web designers to produce other elements necessary to complete the document. a. TRUE
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eng202C quiz 1-6 - Markel, TechComm 8e Chapter 01 Technical...

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