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1 Manufacturing Automation Manufacturing AUTOMATION ME 202 Manufacturing Technologies ME 202 Manufacturing Technologies 2 Manufacturing Automation The term automation was used first in the early 1950s to mean automatic materials handling . Today it is a general term referring to services performed, products manufactured and inspected, information handling, materials handling, and assembly, all done automatically as an automatic operation. Automation (Greek origin) Auto: Self Matos: Acting/moving Automation is a form of manufacturing in which production, movement, and inspection are performed by self- operating machine without human intervention. The skill of a human operator is essentially transferred to a specialized machine. Automation
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2 ME 202 Manufacturing Technologies 3 Manufacturing Automation Orders of Automation ME 202 Manufacturing Technologies 4 Manufacturing Automation Orders of Automation All work requires energy and information, which must be provided by man or substituted for man by a machine . Whenever a human attribute is replaced by a machine , it is considered to have taken an "order" of automaticity. A(0) None of the human attributes is replaced. (e.g. Hand tools and manual machines). A(1) Muscles are replaced. (e.g. Powered machines and tools). A(2) Dexterity (skill especially in handling things) is replaced. (e.g. Self feeding machines , single-cycle automatic machines). Automation
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