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CS 257 Numerical Methods - Homework 8 November 2, 2006 1. [1pt] 6.2#1 (Compute by hand) 2. [1pt] 6.2c#1 3. [1pt] 6.2c#2 4. [1pt] 6.2c#10 (Use gaussQuad.m from class if you wish) 5. [1pt] 9.2#4 6. [1pt] 9.2#6 7. [1pt] 9.2#8 8. [1pt] 9.2#26 9. [2pt] 9.2c#4 (This requires the coding of spline3 coef.m and spline3 eval.m from the text. Also, take note of the MATLAB and Octave implementations of spline.m ) 10. [2pt] Extra Credit (2 points added to the total homework score): Develop an m-file sketchit.m that accepts graphical input from a user (help ginput) and assembles a
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Unformatted text preview: parameterized natural cubic spline that represents your data in a smooth way (see pages 408 in the text for hints). Running sketchit by itself should accept GUI input, while sketchit(x,y) should perform the parametrized cubic spline interpolant for a given set of data. Test for a set of data that is not the graph of a function (see 9.2c #6). sketchit.m should rely only on your own functions (like the ones developed in 9.2c #4) and MATLAB’s plotting capabilities. 1...
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