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Comparing Bender and Bacevich

Comparing Bender and Bacevich - neither would give one...

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Comparing Bender and Bacevich My biggest problem with Benders The New Rome is that he doesn’t  come right out with a statement saying the US is an empire.  He  dances around the topic, whereas Bacevich comes right out and says  it in the third paragraph of New Rome, New Jerusalem.  Bender goes  on to talk about how the US is a uni-polar power at the moment, but  that will soon change.  I’m not saying the US is an empire either, but  it would have made his paper more straightforward and direct had he  done so.  The last problem I had with both of their essays was how 
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Unformatted text preview: neither would give one major, all encompassing problem that would lead to the demise of the US. They instead chose to list several different ideas hoping that they covered all their bases. After reading more about the fall of Rome I would say the biggest problem for the US would be one major thing. Being overstretched which could result into a not having enough military power to fight all our eventual enemies at once....
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