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study guide for geog

study guide for geog - Development IDP Refugee Hijab Favela...

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1World Regional Geography Maymester 2006 Review sheet for exam #2 – May 26 The exam consists of: 15 to 20 multiple choice questions [probably 40 points] 3-4 key terms, define and explain the significance of each (see the final page for expectations) [probably 30 points] 1 long essay questions (based on the three on this sheet) [probably 30 points] Key terms for the exam in general (not exclusive) Assimilation Population pyramid (know how to interpret them) Core-periphery relationship (both during Colonialism and today, especially related to Africa) Factors in Japan's aging population Factors in China's sex imbalance Immigration issues in US and Europe Migration (definition and types, plus push factors and pull factors) Stalker’s types of migrants Lost Boys (and Girls) Three ‘development’ stages King Leopold II, Joseph Conrad SAPs, World Bank in Brazil EU migration policy Opinions about hijab Key terms for the definitions*
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Unformatted text preview: Development IDP Refugee Hijab Favela Brain drain Nation State Nation-state Conservation refugee Migration One-child policy UNHCR Scale Part 2 Definition (short essay, or whatever you wish to call it) Define and explain the significance of each. Be sure to include examples when possible.??*You will be expected to do the following (i.e. you must attend to each of the 4 items) ? 1. Define and Explain the term? articulate components/characteristics? key time period (date, era), place, people and events? key associated terms? 2. Significance of the term 3. Example? 4. Globalization/migration? why are we discussing this term in this class in this context?? what are the global consequences, e.g. of the policy or program ?You might also want to: ? compare and contrast? point out pros and cons? discuss arguments of the proponents and opponents 1....
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study guide for geog - Development IDP Refugee Hijab Favela...

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