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CEE2300 / Loeffler / Homework 1&2 Name: ________________________________________ Due date: Friday, April 14th 1 1. Draw a cartoon depicting a simplified carbon cycle, and indicate major pathways and mechanisms involved in carbon cycling between the hydrosphere, the atmosphere, the lithosphere, and the biosphere. Identify pathways where the flux of carbon strictly depends on biological activity. 25 points Respiration Decomposition Decomposition Photosynthesis Autotrophic growth Fossil fuels
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Due date: Friday, April 14th 2 2. Draw the general structures of the building blocks for the four relevant cellular macromolecules discussed in class. Identify and name the functional groups on each building block that plays a role in polymer formation (i.e., the biosynthesis of the macromolecules). 25 points Nuclein acids Proteins (carboxylic group + aminogroup) (phosphate group + hydroxyl groups) Carbohydrates (hydroxyl groups) Lipids (hydroxyl groups + carboxylic groups)
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CEE2300_Homework_Loeffler_2008_solutions - CEE2300 /...

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