Stratification - Ashley Garside August 4 2006...

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Ashley Garside August 4, 2006 Stratification Assignment Lisa Engweiler US Race and Ethnic Relations Stratification Assignment Because my last name starts with a G, I was chosen to be an Asian. I am married, my husband is a computer engineer and I am a stay at home mother. I have two children, a girl, Lily, who is 7 years old and a boy, James, who is 9 years old. Both of my children like any and all food, this I am very thankful for because it allows me to cook a variety of foods. I live in Fort Morgan, Colorado. I shop at the Safeway there in town on Platte Avenue. I like shopping here because I always see about five families I know while I am shopping and it helps me catch up on all the good gossip. Another great deal that we get at that Safeway is the 10 cent fuel discount with every 50 dollars spent in the store. With gas prices as high as they are right now everything helps. I went to the store on a Saturday. It was pretty crowded but thankfully I got through all of my shopping and gossiping in a mere two hours. First, I hit the dairy section, 3 gallons of Milk, cheese for all occasions, and cottage cheese. Then, I got my eggs and my fruits and vegetables. I like to take a long time when picking out fresh fruits and vegetables because I do not want my kids eating anything that is bruised. After that, I moved down towards the meat section. I was surprised by the prices of the meat lately
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Stratification - Ashley Garside August 4 2006...

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