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Unformatted text preview: S TUDENT N AME : S TUDENT N UMBER : Faculty of Science Final Examination Earth and Planetary Sciences EPSC 200 Terrestrial Planets Summer Session Examiner: Professor Olivia Jensen Date: May 23, 2004 Associate Examiner: Professor Jeanne Paquette Due: May 31, 2004 I nstructions : All questions must be answered directly on a copy of the examination paper and within the restricted area of the boxes. Only that part of your answers within the boxes will be graded. For your information, the value contribution towards the final grade for each question in this examination is noted in square brackets after the question. The examination counts for a total of 40% towards the final course grade. You are required to return a copy of this examination paper for grading. This examination comprises 9 pages including this cover page. *** N.B. Please ensure that your name and student registration number are inscribed at the top of each and every page of this examination paper. Terrestrial Planets EPSC 200 Summer Session 2004 Final Examination Student Name:___________________________ Student Number:________________ I In short point form, describe what we know about the similarities and differences among the four terrestrial planets . You might note how their surfaces tell us something about what processes are at play within. You might also note their possible magnetic field and what these fields tell us about interior condition. You might note the differences in their atmospheres, how these differences have effect on the planetary surface geology and the possibility of life on the planet. [8 marks] _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________...
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This note was uploaded on 09/15/2008 for the course EPSC 200 taught by Professor Jensen during the Spring '08 term at McGill.

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Final_2004c - S TUDENT N AME : S TUDENT N UMBER : Faculty...

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