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CONCEPTS FOR K201 COMPUTER IN BUSINESS Multiple Choice: 1. ____________ refers to the programs that give commands to the computer. A. Hardware B. Software C. Computer forensics D. IT 2. The process of searching huge amounts of data with the hope of finding a pattern is called: A. data mining. B. data searching. C. data warehousing. D. data retrieval. 3. A(n) ____________ system is a small, wireless handheld computer that scans an item’s tag and pulls up the current price (and any special offers) as you shop. A. POS B. PSS C. tablet PC D. data mining 4. A _____________ is a specially designed scannable sticker that resembles an inkblot and contains all the important information about a UPS package. A. mailing label B. packing label C. Maxicode D. PostCode 5. ____________ is a type of wireless communication used by UPS to transmit scanned data through radio waves to a terminal. A. Mu technology B. POS technology C. RFID technology D. Bluetooth technology 6. When a job is sent to other countries, as many programming jobs have been, it is said to have been: A. offshored. B. resourced. C. exported. D imported. 7. Courses are designed to use management software like ____________ so students can communicate outside of class, take quizzes online, and find their class materials easily. A. Blackboard or WebCT B. Microsoft Access C. Adobe Photoshop D. CAD or Visio 8. There are simulations and instructional _____________ on the Web that serve as incredible learning tools. A. software B. PDAs 1
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C. WebCTs D. PSSs 9. The ability to recover and read deleted or damaged files from a criminal’s computer is an example of a law enforcement specialty called: A. robotics. B. RFID simulation. C. computer forensics. D. HALO animation. 10. _____________ tags are small versions of the roadway electronic toll system used in many states to automate paying tolls as you pass through the toll station. A. PDA B. RFID C. PSS D. UPS 11. Surgeons can perform delicate operations by manipulating devices through computers instead of manually. This technology is known as: A. forecasting. B. computer forensics. C. simulation. D. robotics. 12. Technology no longer protected by copyright, available to everyone, is considered to be: A. proprietary. B. open. C. experimental. D. in the public domain. 13. Medical students can train on _______________ and experience firsthand how a human would react to their treatment. A. mannequins B. patient simulators C. robots D. a 3D anatomical system 14. One potential application of ______________________ is to provide sight to the blind. A. RFID tags B. patient simulators C. biomedical chip implants D. VeriChips 15. ____________ is the science revolving around building devices on an extremely small scale. A. Nanotechnology
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