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“Killer PC” - Technology Project Assignment Due: See Schedule For this assignment you are to form a team of three or four students. Your group will take on the role of a small business that is searching for the perfect “killer” PC that will support your business’ needs. The first step is to decide what you want this system to accomplish (to be used for), what type of environment it will be in, and who/what will be the main users. Start by picking up an ad for new computers and researching all the acronyms. Go on the internet and find out what is meant by terms like “cache” and “SDRAM”. After visiting websites and collecting information, physically visit several places that sell computer equipment and further research what is available for a "Killer" PC Network. Remember to consider hardware and software that goes beyond just the core computer setup. The next step is to pick the type of components that will go into your system. Both hardware and software are key components. The components that you select must be tailored to
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