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K201, The Computer in Business Project Three – Access Collection Due Date: The project is due at the beginning of the class period as indicated on the section schedule Poss. Points: 80 Scope: You are to use Access to document something that you collect so that you can retrieve and report information about the items in the collection, the cost and current value of the collection and so forth. Categories of items that could be called a collection include music CDs, coins, stamps, trading cards, toys and dolls. You may use other types of collections with prior approval of the instructor. Deliverables: An Access database and associated reports meeting the minimum requirements and restrictions outlined below, submitted via OnCourse. For each of the 4 tables a typed or printed report prepared during the planning stage in Word or Excel showing your table layouts with field name, field type, and field proprieties for each field. Primary and foreign keys must be identified. Saved “printouts” showing the first page of each table, query and report.
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