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psychology to geography

psychology to geography - Ashley Garside GEOG-1982 Chris...

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1Ashley Garside GEOG-1982 Chris McMorran May 30, 2005 Final Reaction Paper #3 How Psychology Relates to Geography Psychology is a biopsychosocial science that studies behavior from both biological and social perspectives. My major is psychology, I decided I wanted to make my major psychology because I am interested in how the human brain works and why people do the things they do. I like to understand what is happening in all situations and I am always the one in my group of friends to try to help or solve the problem. I believe that if the mental health of the country is more good than bad then the entire well being of all society will follow suit. In the future I am not sure that I want to be a psychologist but I definitely want to help with the mental health of all people in general. This could entail working at a police station as the Psych-consult, or at the hospital in a similar position. Psychology could lead to social work or even student counseling. There are many possibilities for a career having the major of psychology and I believe that this is the reason I have chosen it. Whereas geography is the study of the land and culture of the people that occupy that land. There are several different ways that psychology has relates to geography. Reasons including: having deep depression to the lack of sunlight in your region during several months of the year or the movement from place to place due to the ideas the tribe or family has on hunting or growing. Another reason is the way women are treated in the tribe due to their culture and their role to the productivity of the group. Also, the role of children as workers or as learners
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and the ideas placed upon a person when they are raised who must leave their home, migrate, to provide for their family. In the regions on the top of the globe, there are days that have no sunlight at all.
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psychology to geography - Ashley Garside GEOG-1982 Chris...

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