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Child Psychology Ch. 1 Notes The Field of Developmental Psychology - Primary aim is to understand all aspects of constancy and change within the life- span of an individual organism o Constancy- how people stay the same o Focusing on individuals Domains of Development Physical o Changes in body size and proportions, appearance o Functioning of body systems and health o Perceptual and motor capacities Cognitive o Intellectual abilities Social and Emotional o Emotional communication o Self-understanding o Interpersonal skills o Moral reasoning and behavior Theories of Development Theory- an orderly, integrated set of statements that: o Describe o Explain o Predict In psychology all relate to behavior Empirical- you can measure and test it Goals of Developmental Theory: 1. Understand origins of novelty 2. Reconcile universal regularity of the whole species with local variability ex. language 3. Integrate developmental data across levels of analysis ex. sticky fixation/ attention capture. There are lots of ways to measure attention termination. 4. Generate empirical hypothesis- if not then the theory is useless
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childpsych1 - Child Psychology Ch. 1 Notes The Field of...

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