a mid summer nights dream

a mid summer nights dream - though because he tricked...

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Nick Kennedy A Mid Summer Night’s Dream This play took my mind in so many different directions it was crazy. I had to rent again in order to understand everything, but once I did everything seemed to make sense. It reminded me of Juliet though on how Hermia wouldn’t marry the suitor that her father had set out for her. Nick Bottom was a great character because he was so enthusiastic and ironically was a dreamer. I’m not sure if I agree with Shakespeare as much in this play
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Unformatted text preview: though because he tricked people into being in love, as opposed to Romeo and Juliet where they naturally chose their partner. Demetrius might have ended up learning to love Helena, because she was very pretty, but he was just too blinded by Hermia to see her. Either way, it was comical and amusing to see them in this situation. I would love to see this play on stage to see how they change their personalities....
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