hamlet - where it took my mind throughout it I felt that it...

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Nick Kennedy Hamlet I loved Hamlet because it made me think what I would do if my father was murdered. Not only was his father murdered, he was murdered by Hamlet’s uncle. Shakespeare was a genius to think up of this play when he did. I get mad at my uncle when he makes fun of my father every now and then, so I wouldn’t even be able to begin to think what I would do if I was ever put in that situation. I will never have to be put there and I love my uncles as well, but while I was watching and reading this play, that’s
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Unformatted text preview: where it took my mind throughout it. I felt that it shared a similarity to Macbeth in that killing was involved in order for somebody to be named a king, which I find ridiculous. I know that things happened like that back then, but how someone could live with themselves after taking someone else’s life their benefit is beyond me. It’s incredibly selfish and the way that Hamlet put on the play was brilliant....
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