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Topic 3 Discrete Probability Distributions Part B 3.7 Combination : the number of ways to choose r objects from a group of n objects without regard to order. 3.8 Binomial Distribution 3.8.1 The setup for Binomial Distribution An outcome of an experiment is classified into one of two mutually exclusive categories , such as a success or failure. The data collected are the results of counts. The probability of success stays the same for each trial.
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Unformatted text preview: • The trials are independent. 3.8.2 The probability distribution function We denote Binomial distribution as B(n,p) which implies the Binomial distribution is characterized by two parameters, the number of trials, and the success rate for each trial. P(x) = n C x p x (1- p) n-x , 3.8.3 The shape of distribution : r)! (n r! n! C r n − = ) 1 ( ; 2 p np np X X − = = σ μ...
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