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Nick Kennedy Henry V King Henry V was a courageous man. I was very impressed in this play with the way that he treated his men. To have the bravery to send your men to war is one thing, but to actually fight with them is another. I thought that it was noble of him to tell all of his men that they could change their mind if they wanted to right before they fought. He treated all of them with respect, my favorite quote was, “We band of brothers, for he that sheds his blood with me today is my brother.”
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Unformatted text preview: I was also disgusted that the French killed all of those children. It was an unwritten rule to not harm the children. They weren’t harming anyone, and King Henry V had more morals than to even think of something like that. I thought that it was neat that Henry went in disguise to try and gain an edge on things. He was able to get his thoughts from other people by doing this, and it was entertaining to see him undercover....
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