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king lear - much love for you that it’s insulting to make...

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Nick Kennedy King Lear I know that Cordelia felt like she didn’t have to express the way she felt about her in front of a crowd of people, but she must have known how her father would have reacted. Also, she must have known how evil her sisters were and how they would treat her father if she was not there. Her father was the King of Britain, and he can’t show weakness in front of anyone. If Cordelia really felt like she didn’t have to say anything I’m sure King Lear would have understood that if she just said, “I feel that I have so
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Unformatted text preview: much love for you that it’s insulting to make me say it in front of all these people.” King Lear probably would have accepted that and understood where she was coming from. Instead she didn’t say anything and it put him in a horrible position. By the end of the play though it was good to see Cordelia have another chance to show her father how much she loved him by caring for him during his final hours....
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