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Soc 8-1-08

Soc 8-1-08 - -The dominant profession dictates the...

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Soc 8-1-08 Professions summarized -Occupations are more or less professional based upon certain criteria -Systematic body of theory of knowledge -The sanction of a professional community -Code of ethics -Professional culture -Lifetime commitment to the profession Semiprofessions -Refers to an occupational group that has achieved some of the characteristics of profession -Many people accord workers in these occupations -E.Q. elementary and secondary schoolteachers, social workers, registered nurses, pharmacists, etc…… -The Semiprofessions have a body of knowledge but the usually do not monopolize it nor do the erect effective barriers o entry -The Semiprofessions enjoy only partial autonomy because most of their members work in a bureaucratic setting Paraprofessions -Occupational agents of the major professions -Members work closely with professionals usually doing tasks delegated and supervised by them
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Unformatted text preview: -The dominant profession dictates the conditions of training and certification and provides the guidelines mandating the point at which a member of the profession must be consulted (paramedics and paralegals) Research on Professions VanHoy (1997)-case study of franchise law firms + Chains of local offices small number of employees a limited many of legal services-Attorneys work under tight centralized control and for a relatively low salary + Low pay due to glut of lawyers on the job market-Represents a “deprofessionalization” of legal work + Van Hoy likens it to a “McDonaldization” of Legal services “Managing Emotions in Medical School” Emotional socialization in medical schools How to deal with uncomfortable contact and treatment of the human body Students taught “affective neutrality” (problematic if carried over into personal life)...
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