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SOC 326 8-1-08 Professions Summarized -Occupations are more or less professional based upon certain criteria. -Systematic body of theory/knowledge. -The sanction of a professional community via education, training, licensing, and certification. -Code of ethics defining appropriate/inappropriate behavior for those in the profession. -Professional culture (language, symbols, norms). -Lifetime commitment to the profession. -Semi professions -Refers to an occupational group that has achieved some of the characteristics of a profession, or possesses the hallmarks of a profession to an attenuated degree. -Many people accord workers in these occupations professional status, yet they are not ”true” professionals. -Ex. Elementary and secondary schoolteachers, librarians, social workers, registered nurses, pharmacists. [email protected] --The semi professionals have a body of knowledge, but they usually do not monopolize it, nor do they erect effective barriers to entry. -The semi professions enjoy only partial autonomy because most of their members work in bureaucratic settings.
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