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SOC 326 7-28-08 Work Organizations and Bureaucracies -Organizations and worker control -Organizational structure is the pattern of relationships among the various parts and people within an organization. -Structure can be both formal and informal. -You can map an informal structure to how it actually works in the workplace. -The division of labor produces a vertical differentiation within organizations based on levels of authority and control. -In “traditional” organizations -Organizational structure is thus a means by which workers have been controlled and managed. -There has been strives in today’s structures to erase some of the levels to make it more level. -Elaborated by Richard Edwards in Contested Terrain (1979). -Four forms of organizational control over workers (in historical sequence) -Entrepreneurial Control -Hierarchical Control -Technical Control -Bureaucratic Control -Entrepreneurial Control -The owner shows the workers how to do the work and indicates the appropriate pace. -The owner also evaluates the workers and rewards or punishes them according to performance.
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