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chp 2 notes

chp 2 notes - Kongo along the congo river Guinea adopted...

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“the Columbian exchange”- process of bringing plants and animals across atlantic. Africa-growth of long-distance trade. Europe-monarchs + merchants to propel territorial expansion, intellectual revolution, the renaissance, and then the reformation Eleventh century eyropean Christians began a long series of crusades to take back formerly Christina lands in Europe and the middle east from the muslims. Muslims declared jihad(holy war) against Christians. Link between Saharan Africa and the Mediterranean was a strip of grass land/savanna….the caravan trade stimulated the rise of kingdoms, the richest rose is west Africa a/ ample sotres of gold. Chief among them in the 1400 was Mali. Mali wealt rested on trade…very famous. Benin- located aat africa’s westernmost bulg and is best known where artisans fashioned magnificent iron work for centuries.
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Unformatted text preview: Kongo- along the congo river. Guinea- adopted gold as tehe standard for their currencies. Gold rich city where thousands of newcomers from the savanna came into africa’s “gold coast” but none were as powerful as mali or Ghana. West Africa kinshop groups knitted societies together. They saw marriage as a way for families to forge mutually beneficial alliances. High mortality rate=need for children=young marriages and multiple wives Yams, sugar cane, bananas, and eggplant flourished, and cotton. Artisians wove cotton or raffia plam leaves, made clothing and jewelry, and crafted tools and religious objects. Relgioion- a rorld lay beyond the on the perceived, a world the souls of most people passed to at death. Folktales, oral reciters “Maritime revolution” Prince Henry “the navigator” portugal...
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