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Europeans saw the new world=empty space. Free to move into. This is an inaccurate picture of what was going on. Cahokia city of 40,000 people. Tremendous traders that had a network from coast to coast. Sophisticated civilization. Contact between two distinct worlds Ghana, Mali, Songhai, DaGama Contact between two “old Worlds” I. General observations II. Why Europe? Europe did not discover America bc it was thought to be superior. China for example was very superior as well Ming vase. Best porcelain makers in the world. Meritocracy was created in China…testing service exams in 700 A.D. to find the smartest for the job. What ever the world need the Chinese knew had to make it. Technology navigation skills in the 1400 far surpassed europe A. Superiority? China(above) Africa- Ghana, Mali, and Songhai. The largest Gold producers in the world was in Africa. Timbuktu is the biggest city in Africa the center of the riched gold mining city. The number on business was book binding.
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Unformatted text preview: Had the largest libraries. Villages on the eastern coast of Africa Islamic World- algebra, numeral systems, checking. Powerful force B. Inferiority? 1. economic 2. military 3. political England and France 100 years war. Europe in complete turmoil with wars. No internal security. Life is vulnerable. Who ever got to asia first by water would have a huge advantage over everyone else…they will be able to defeat their enemies. Europe expanded outward because it doesn’t have what the other parts of the world have. Isabella and Ferdinand sent Columbus Argument for europe’s superiority…Italian renaissance , universities, catholic (religion), architecture. This is a comparative issue you have to compare Europe to other parts of the world. Does Cortes think Europe is superior? 1550 and 1600s…europe takes what they found in the expansion and...
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