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HW How does Equiano compare central African culture to that of coastal Africa and Europe? Pp 29-63 Columbus- 1. takes possession, arrogant attitude w/ no regard to the people who already there. No government- “tribal”. Constitution, no deed for land b/c they are a tribe w/ an oral organization. 2. slavery- 3. primitive, no clothes (eur. Superior) 4. exchange of goods-(sharp dealing) supply vs. demand: plenty of gold, scarcity of broken glass. (learning) (friendly gesture) 5. not armed-we can conquer them 6. no religion-easy to convert
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Unformatted text preview: Nature religion no need for a church 7. haire- “brother” 8. The desire/need of gold 9. Naming islands and land shows that they have power. Who ever names has the power. Cortes-Impressed-Cordoba-a wide variety of goods (unavailable in Europe) irrigation system is huge. Temples vs. cathedrals. Silk markets w/ 60,000 customers per day they were massive. System of government well equipped military Human sacrifice factory like process, prisioners of war. 3 to 20 thousand a year to appease Aztec gods. Female circumcision...
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