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Evolution of Early Virginia 1. Factors of Production a. stable crop-need something of value to maintain colony. Tobacco-John Rolfe b. land- 1622- Opechancanough becomes chief and assaults Jamestown and wiped out ¼ of Jamestown settlers. Prior to 1622 the relationship was not hostile toward Indians, after 1622 attack the relationship was: a good Indian is a died Indian. c. Labor- head-right system-50 acres of land who came over from england 2. Evolution of Slavery a. 1619-40 no slavery, indentured servants b. 1640-60 slavery began to be written into local laws. c. 1660-1700 colony –wide systerm (slavery was still rare) number of indentured servants was far greater then number of slaves. d.1700 -> slavery system choice for planters 3. Why the switch from servants to slaves?
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Unformatted text preview: a. Economic-cheaper 1. simple supply – demand 1600-50 pop. Surplus-unemp.-long terms- 7yrs 1650-> econ catches in england up- good emp-short terms 3-4 years. Shortage of indentured servants supply decreases 2. life expectancy went up old life expectancy 3 yrs= slave(20lbs) 20/3=6.7, servant(10lbs) 10/3=3.3 new life expectancy 20 yrs = 20/20 = 1 , 10/5= 2 b. political- bacon’s rebellion governor berkely – white settlers revolt but berkely dies. To prevent this from happening again u have to get ride of 1832 south Hampton Virginia- Turner bloodiest slave revolt between revolution and civil war. Slavery is an unhealthy system and they need to end slavery…very slim amount passed slavery to continue...
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