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Stephanie Afflerbach Rhetoric and Composition Mr. Serensits Definition Final Draft February 21, 2008 In today’s period of time people feel “real men wear pink” refers to the male gender being gay, when caught wearing the color pink. There has always been a saying passed down from generation to generation which consists of “don’t judge a book by its cover.” What most people don’t realize is that the phrase doesn’t always refer to being gay but could also include the meaning of awareness in cancer or even dealing with the fashion industry. The phrase “real men wear pink” has more than one meaning to it, such as fashion, morality, cancer and even sporting events. Some people throughout society feel that the phrase “real men wear pink” implies to the men who are gay, but there are several other meanings to this phrase. One meaning this phrase is mainly applied to be cancer. There are men who are more than willing to wear pink to help support those with cancer and to help raise money for that type of cancer. For example, breast cancer involves wearing pink. Both genders in society wear pink to support this event during the month of October when taking place. Cancer events have become widely known for using the color pink. This is where the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” comes in, where most people are willing to judge the men who wear the color pink. Some just don’t even think and just say what’s on their mind about the guys who are wearing pink, it’s like they don’t realize that the men wearing pink could be for a cancer event taking place. There are such events like the Breast Cancer 5k and 10k walk, also along with the three- day walk that takes place. These events are taken place every year mainly during the fall time. 1
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Many men will sign up for these events to help support the survivors of breast cancer. They also wear this color to help raise money to increase the research of technology and drugs for the cancer. The phrase “real men wear pink” for cancer events is not meant to be judged but to for
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Final Draft - Stephanie Afflerbach Rhetoric and Composition...

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