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PSU 006 major hw

PSU 006 major hw - me the opportunity to succeed as a...

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Michael Guerriero 8/26/08 PSU 006 Business Seminar Professor Frank Chelko (1) What major(s) are you considering at this time? Why? I am strongly considering the finance major at Penn State University. I would like to major in finance because I am interested in financial management and investments. There is a large scope of employment opportunities, allowing me to find a job more easily. I would also like to attend graduate school to earn a Master’s degree in business, this would led to a ideal job. (2) In general terms, what would you like to be doing after graduation? (ex: type of job; work environment; location; or other goals you've given thought to). Why? After graduation I would like to pursue my career goals by attending graduate school to earn an MBA. If I decide not to attend graduate school I desire a career that will be supportive of my lifestyle and gives
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Unformatted text preview: me the opportunity to succeed, as a gateway for the rest of my jobs. I want to have a well-rounded resume that includes experience for a more permanent job later on. The work location that best suites me, would be living in New York City, as I have grown up near by, I have seen the wonderful experiences and benefits this city offers. (3) What factors have influenced your answers to the above questions? My family and friends have all contributed to my decisions above. They have taught me interesting information about my specific major choice and I am confident that majoring in finance is appropriate for me. Location has also influenced my decisions because of the infamous “Wall Street” in NYC, I would enjoy to work there....
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PSU 006 major hw - me the opportunity to succeed as a...

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