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Stephanie Afflerbach Rhetoric and Composition Mr. Serensits Issue Rough Draft March 6, 2008 Through out the century it has been said the earth itself is going through a change mainly being “global warming”. Over a period of time scientist have predicted different reasons to why the earth is experiencing this change and how it will affect the current future of our lives for future generations. Scientist Terry Root says “clearly, if such ecological changes are now being detected when the globe has warmed by an estimated average of only 1 degree F (0.6 C) over the past 100 years, then many more far-reaching effects on species and ecosystems will probably occur over 2100, when temperatures could increase as much as 11 F (6 C)” (Stanford University “Effects of Global Warming Already Being Felt on Plants and Animals Worldwide”). Due to this reason given by a scientist the effect of global warming has also affected other organisms and places across the globe showing a variation of signs that are the beginning of this worldwide conflict. This global warming effect can be shown through various views such as climate change, consequences, and animal behavior of how it has come down affect the planet we call mother earth, our home. To begin of there has become a numerous amounts of consequences derived by scientists’ and professors across the United States that say human society is to be blamed for global warming. With the increase in temperature change over the past century it has come down to the theory that carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases, mainly coming from power plants and vehicles are causing the earth’s atmosphere to heat up. Also with this taking place our earth could warm up an additional 7.2 degrees during the 21 st century.
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This can be caused by failing at the reduction of burning fossil fuels. Other effects could be that of sea-levels rising, droughts, and diseases increasing (“Consequences of Global Warming). Over the century it has become harder to prove the theory upon whether or not the Polar Ice is actually causing the raise in sea-levels across the globe. According to Holland a director at New York University he says that most researchers will have to refer in observations of how the oceans are changing due to the rising in sea levels (Eilperin, “Clues to Rising Seas Are Hidden in Polar Ice”). For example one of the consequences to the melting of ice would be that the Arctic’s thickness has decreased by 40 percent since the 1960’s being shown by the NASA department, along with that over three decades millions of miles ice being the size of Norway and other European countries has disappeared (“Consequences of Global Warming). With that being said, this has also shown the increase of sea-levels, along with the thawing of lakes and rivers to take place at an earlier time than normal because of the temperature being warmer during a particular season such as the winter. According to National Geographic magazine “the
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issue rough draft with citations - Stephanie Afflerbach...

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