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Chem_38__Exam_2_R2 - Name Chem 38 Exam 2-This exam is...

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Name:__________________________ Chem 38 Exam 2 —This exam is comprised of 11 problems on 6 pages. Please check to make sure that you have all the pages. 1. (6 points) Please draw the two chair conformers for 1,1-dichloro-3-methylcyclohexane and circle the lowest energy conformer. 2. (6 points) Please draw the most stable and the least stable Newman Projections for 3-methylpentane sighting down the C-2,C-3 bond. Please label each structure as either the most or the least stable conformer. (methyl–ethyl interactions are higher energy than methyl-methyl interactions) 1
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3. (6 points) Please write the mechanism for the following reaction to give the expected Markovnikov product and then show a hydride shift to give a more stable product. Please be sure to show both of the uncharged products from the reaction and arrows in the mechanism. H C C H H H Br 2 4. ( 9 points, 3 points each) In the following sets of organic compounds, please circle the structures in each set that are the same compounds. If none of the compounds are the same place a check mark to the right of each set of three structures.
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