Engl 298 Microfilm - Internet Security In today’s rapidly...

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Internet Security In today’s rapidly changing society, the internet is quickly becoming a necessary tool. However, as the internet plays a larger role in daily life, more personal data is stored on the web. Due to the amount of data stored in various locations, people are constantly at risk from hackers and other online threats. In addition, the anonymity of the internet entices many people with illegal intent. While the growing dependency on the internet causes security and privacy risks, simple solutions could, and should, be implemented. Today, people use the internet in nearly every facet of their lives. Many websites online require that a user create an account, and typically provides warnings regarding password choice. However, despite these warnings, many of the roughly “500 million users” online tend to create “reusable passwords” that are often easy to guess (Cerf 2001, p 4). These poor passwords are easy for hackers to figure out by means of exploiting website encryption. Encryption essentially means that before being transmitted, data is changed using a code. When the coded data is received, a program reverses the coding scheme to obtain the original data. Cerf (2001) explains that they essentially encrypt all known words and check the encrypted words against the encrypted passwords stored online. In addition, “the New York Times reported that 19 of the top 21 health websites” failed to live up to their privacy policies (Hollings 2001, p 2). The data given from multiple sources shows a trend of insecurity on the internet. While people find the need to utilize the internet on a daily basis, many activities which it is used for may not be safe. In addition to website insecurity, there are several other dangers online. Two other types of dangers online include spyware and phishing. Sensenbrenner (2005)
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Engl 298 Microfilm - Internet Security In today’s rapidly...

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