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Art Museum assignment

Art Museum assignment - Art Museum assignment Berkeley Art...

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Art Museum assignment Berkeley Art Museum/ ungraded assignment due before October 5 , 5 p.m.: The Berkeley Art Museum (open Tuesdays-Saturday, 11 a.m.-5 p.m.) Bancroft Way, above Telegraph Avenue, big grey concrete building (2625 Durrant = official address). Asian Art Museum (San Francisco; on Civic Center, near BART station; regular admission for students = $7; Thursday evenings after 5 p.m., admission $5; first Sunday of the month, all day, admission free; next free Sunday, Oct. 4). Bowers Museum (Orange County), for students who might be going home to that area this month. Dear Students: The Mahjong exhibit at the Berkeley Art Museum has thrown the entire museum into a tizzy. Apparently, the permanent exhibits are now being de-installed (although they will be later re-installed). Given that mess and uncertainty, your teacher and GSIs suggest the following four ways to fulfill the first ungraded assignment: (1) See the Mahjong exhibit when it opens (September 10); (2) Check out the permanent exhibits in the Berkeley Art Museum after that date; (3) Go to the Asian Art Museum and see a real object, on which you will report.
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