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Public Relations

Public Relations - Public Relations What is PR Public...

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Public Relations What is PR? Public relations includes all the activities that maintain a beneficial relationship between an organization and its various publics. Public relations professionals seek to create MUTUALLY beneficial relationships between and organization and its publics. Publics Internal Publics o Groups inside the client’s organization. PR and Persuasion Overview of The Study of public Relations Steps in planning pr campaigns Plan for publics They knew who their publics are and they plan for each one differenlty Plan for outcomes Plan for media and methods How to deal with a newspaper as oppose to a tv or any other form of medium Plan for cost or budget Plan for timing Plan for evaluation Evaluate when a particular campaign is effective Plan for control Pr. Isn’t an easy job. The objective is to inform or motivate people on what to believe. They have to think about the client and the outside audiences at the same time- meet both needs Aristotle’s Approaches to Persusion People actually do know what is going on. There are classes to teach people how to persuade others Ethos: appeal to credibility or authority Celebrity endorsements rest on this Pathos: appeal to emotion Bob mann mentioned how a lot of political campaigns use fear and anger to get us geared in Logos: appeal to logic Ex: letter to the editor, appeal to our understanding and the ability to think How News Interests Differ *CHART* o The who changes o audience- who does the audience want to hear about o the client- who does the client want o media- who is interesting to that mediums audience
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PR Power Tools Beta or product testing Before releasing product, the company gives it to people as a test (sneak peak) The product can be changed, how the product is marketed can be changed Media tour Company takes product on the road and presents it to various media in different regions Goal: drive home a particular message about your company while answering questions about your new product Press conference Staged forum where journalists will gather to hear and witness a news announcement first hand. Journalists receive media alerts in advance Media kit Collection of background materials that you can provide for media personnel Ex: challenger- nasa holds a press conference but they can only tell you the latest news so a lot of times the journalists may be sent background indo to help cover the story News release/press release Brief document containing info needed to write a news story Sole purpose is to place favorable info about client of product in a news report The most common power tool Have to be wordy, written in a standard format, compatible with who you are sending it to- audio news releases are ready to be played on radio, vnr-video news release If you are sending it to tv you have to format it the way tv does
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