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abstact for vison

abstact for vison - to assist me in explaining my vision of...

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The Hotel Business: Service Industry or Self-Service Industry? More and more of the technology-based IS’s that are being integrated into the hotel  industry, though cost-effective and possibly more efficient, are beginning to take away  from the true meaning of service and encourage a major societal transformation. In  order to persuade you that preventive action needs to be taken, I will be discussing the  ways in which, during the past decade, technology-based IS’s have begun to reformat  both the industry’s view and the customer’s view on the meaning of service. In this  report, I will define the word “service” (in the way that I am arguing it should be used) 
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Unformatted text preview: to assist me in explaining my vision of how I believe the transformation of this word will lead to the transformation of the hotel industry. I will also point out the difference between IT and IS, and how many hotels that invest in new technology fail in their integrating efforts because they are unaware of this distinction. After researching the opinions of many authors, theorists, and business leaders and finding evidence primarily from, but not limited to, the hotel industry, I will present my findings along with recommendations about how hotels can invest in IT without losing the ideals of service....
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