chap6 notes - Chapter 6 It is extremely important to define...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 6 It is extremely important to define the business problem carefully because the definition determines the purpose of the research and, ultimately, the research design The right answer to the wrong question may be absolutely worthless Do not ignore investigating the emotional aspects of human behavior Just because a problem has been discovered or an opportunity has been recognized does not mean that the problem has been defined Problem definition indicates a specific managerial decision area to be clarified or problem to be solved it specifies research questions to be answered and the objectives of the research Defining a research problem: 1 ascertain the decision makers objectives 2 understand the background of the problem 3 isolate and identify the problem rather than its symptoms 4 determine the unit of analysis 5 determine the relevant variables 6 state the research questions (hypotheses) and research objectives The decision maker should express his or her goals to the researcher in measureable terms Researchers, line managers, both parties should attempt to have a clean understanding of the purpose for undertaking the research One effective technique for uncovering elusive research objectives is to present the manager with each possible solution and ask whether he or she would follow that course of action Frequently researchers and managers cannot discover the actual problem because they lack sufficiently detailed info iceberg principle the dangerous part of many business problems, like the submerged portion of an iceberg, is neither visible to nor understood by managers Omission of important info or faulty assumptions about the situation can be extremely costly...
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chap6 notes - Chapter 6 It is extremely important to define...

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